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More Upcoming Anti-Cuts Events

Hey kids – loads more events I’ve been informed about over the last few hours. As earlier, if you want a shout out, drop us an e-mail.

Harrogate – Tuesday, 16th of November – 6:15 P.M.

Picket of the Council cuts Meeting

Harrogate Library, Victoria Avenue, Harrogate

Tweet @Busdriver81 for details

London – Wednesday, 17th of November – 3:30 P.M.

Workshop on Logistics and Legalities of Direct Action: Occupations, Walk-outs, and Road Blockades

University of London Union

Website: http://ulucampaigner.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/occupations-direct-actions-log

e-mail: campaigns@ulu.lon.ac.uk

Liverpool – Wednesday, 24th November – 7:30

Liverpool Anti-Cuts – Open Meeting

At The Casa on Hope St

e-mail: misselliemae@ymail.com

That’s all for now – keep ’em coming, Big Love, see you on the high streets!

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Next Post

Hey gang,

Here’s a round up of a view of the anti-cuts events happening around the country over the next few weeks.

Manchester – Wednesday 17th November – 7:30 P.M.

Manchester Anti-Cuts Meeting

Meet at the Central Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JQ

Website: http://manchesteranticuts.org.uk

E-mail: manchesteranticuts@gmail.com

Glasgow – Thursday, November 18th – 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Glasgow Students Open Meeting – All Welcome

Meet at the Glasgow School of Art: Vic Assembly Hall

Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141525512564838

Everywhere – Wednesday 24th November – All Damn Day

National Student Walkout and Day of Action

Website: http://anticuts.com/2010/11/12/press-release-24th-november-walkout-and-day-of-action/

Sheffield – Wednesday, 24th November – 6 P.M.

Sheffield Anti-Cuts Campaign Meeting

Furnival Suite Novotel Hotel Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2PR

e-mail: SheffieldAntiCutsCampaign@gmail.com

The High Streets – December 4th – All Damn Day

UKUncut National Day Of Action

Top Secret – Watch This Space

Website: Here, obviously. E-mail below.

If you feel your event is a glaring omission from the above list, send us an e-mail at ukuncut@gmail.com and we’ll (probably) give your event a shout out.

Big love, see you on the high streets.

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Great article about Vodafone’s tax avoidance in today’s Observer

Nick Cohen has written an article about Vodafone’s history of tax-dodging today. Notice how Vodafone’s early claims that it was all an “urban legend” are slowly fading from view. Article here.

Elsewhere, Vodafone executives have admitted today that, rather than UK Uncut shutting down a “small number” of stores, as previously claimed, we in fact shut down almost ten per cent of their stores in October 30th, including several of the biggest ones.

Don’t forget – December 4th is our national day of action.

See you on the high streets!

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Press Number

For all press enquiries call


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SHOUT OUT: UKUncut Sheffield

Activists in Sheffield are looking to organise a UKUncut group. We now have groups in over a dozen cities across the UK 🙂

If you’re interested in getting involved, or know someone who might be then e-mail us with the subject line “Sheffield Action” and we’ll put you in touch with each another. If you have contacts at Sheffield Uni or Sheffield Hallam that could be a real big help with this.

Big love, pass it on, see you on the high streets!

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Guardian reports on our National Day of Action

The Guardian has once again name checked us, and mentioned our “day of mass civil disobedience against tax avoidance” in three weeks. How very exciting.

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December 4th – Day of Mass Action

We’ve been a bit quiet. But we’ve been plotting.

On Saturday December 4th there will be a day of national mass direct action against tax avoiders.

Watch this space. More details soon.

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Vodafone Trainee Managers pay a surprise visit to George Osborne’s Wallpaper Shop

Today, whilst Vodafone stores were being shut down in Cambridge, Nottingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Brighton and London, three Vodafone execs from the Newbury HQ came down to London to pay a surprise visit to George Osborne at his luxury wallpaper firm in Chelsea.

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This Saturday – Day of Action

It was never supposed to happen. We were meant to be taking a short break. But as this article from today’s Guardian reports, people across the country are conspiring to make sure Vodafone don’t get a break.

So we know this is last minute, and we apologise for that, but check the new action map and see if there’s a shut down planned near you. If not, then make it happen. All you need to do is get a few people together, print some flyers and pay a visit to your local store.

If you can’t do this Saturday, never fear. Something big is coming…

See you on the high streets!

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