Vodafone flagship store SHUT DOWN

Today was a brilliant success. 70 activists shut down Vodafone’s flagship store on Oxford Street for the day to demand that the government force them to pay the £6bn tax that they owe the British public.

Watch the short film:

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2 Responses to Vodafone flagship store SHUT DOWN

  1. Peter Hales says:

    I really never imagined that Osbourne would have the barefaced hypocrisy to stand in front of the british electorate and proclaim that we are all in this togethere, whilst at the same time making plans to let a huge company like Vodaphone off the hook over its tax bill, thus depriving the tax payer of a huge amount of money, which could have eased some of the cuts. Why? Something stinks!

  2. Jim says:

    Of course we’re in this together… “We” meaning us, not them. Not them and their business chums that throw nice parties on their lovely yachts. Tories, New Labour – no difference. Both support the status quo. Ever noticed how when the party in power changes, nothing really changes? It’s not some shadowy super government in charge, it’s all the company directors that made large “donations” getting what’s theirs in return. Same old, same old.

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