London: Meet 11am Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, this Saturday 30th October to shut down as many Vodafone stores in Central London as possible! There’s a Facebook event you can invite people to.

Elsewhere: check the action map. If there’s not an action where you live, we can help you publicise a time and place!

On Wednesday 27/10/2010, 65 members of the general public managed to mobilise in just a few days on the vague promise of civil disobedience against the cuts. The target turned out to be Vodafone, who have recently been let off paying £6bn in taxes to the public purse by HMRC. This is money that could have been spent on social housing, keeping public sector workers in their jobs, pensions, social care, and welfare for the poorest. Indeed the debt to the public purse by corporate tax avoidance is estimate at over £12bn every year – something which George Osborne did not mention in his savage CSR speech.

The action went well, it was fun and empowering. It received huge publicity and hundreds of shoppers on oxford street agreed with our action. It was the most talked about thing in London over Twitter and received praise and acknowledgement from many highly regarded people such as Naomi Klein. People across the internet have been discussing shutting their local Vodafone store as a result, and this Saturday is the time to do it.

What’s more, at some point during Wednesday’s action, after the store had been occupied for a while, two middle aged men in suits and ties appeared and stood by the police line, staring at us. They were Vodafone executives who had come to see their flagship Oxford street store closed for business. They looked spooked.

Here’s some news that will perhaps give them more cause for concern. This Saturday, the busiest shopping day of the week, we’re going to shut loads more. We need to continue this pressure on them and all other corporate tax dodgers and expose the lie of that savage cuts on public services that support the poorest and most vunerable in our society is the only way to fix the mess created by the recklessness of the banking industry.

If you’re in London, meet at Speaker’s Corner at 11:00 prompt. Speaker’s Corner is synonymous with speeches, rallys and marches, but this time we will be meeting for a day of  mass civil disobedience against the cuts! We cannot spend the next five years marching on Whitehall and listening to Tony Benn speak – to force the Government to change its plans we will need to confront them head on.

We will gather, meet each other, see the growing movement, and divide into groups. Each group is given a store to close for the day by blocking the entrance, in the best tradition of non-violent civil disobedience. As well as people to sit down, we need others who want to talk to and flyer thousands of shoppers.

This day of action is aimed at being inclusive and open to absolutely anyone who is angry at the cuts! They are not fair, we are not all in this together and we will not pay for their crisis! There are alternatives – start by collecting instead of wiping off corporate tax bills. Let’s show them what the Big Society can really do.


Things you can do before Saturday:

  • Call your friends!
  • Start a pass-it-on text
  • Invite your friends on Facebook
  • Follow and retweet us on Twitter @ukuncut
  • Send emails to any lists you might be on

Things you could bring:

  • Banners?
  • Flyers?
  • Posters?
  • Maps of London store locations?
  • Stuff to make sitting down more comfortable?
  • Stuff that makes it harder for others to move you?
  • A bike? (Perhaps we could have a bike blockade?)

If you’re not in London, there are Vodafone stores up and down the country, just waiting to be closed or picketed. A successful action doesn’t need tons of planning or expensive kit, it just needs a bunch of people. If you want to organise an occupation or other action, let us know and we’ll help you publicise it through this blog and Twitter.

See you on the high streets!

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  1. Oi Paz says:

    Glasgow – meet at 8.30 outside Borders (which everyone still calls it, even though it’s now All Saints) on Buchanan Street!

    • Andy says:

      I’ll be there!

      Might not be at 8:30 though, bit early! Anarchists aren’t known for getting up before noon! 😉

    • DarkLady says:

      Friend and I will be outside Borders/All Saints for 9am (transport makes 8.30 difficult). Hope it’s still going ahead.

  2. Lisa says:

    This isn’t the most accessible plan for many disabled people who are being disproportionately affected by the cuts so are bound to want to protest.

    Not only is London’s public transport network massively inaccessible we’re also talking about people who have an illness or impairment that may affect their energy.

    Simply “meet at suchandsuch Vodafone store” is *far* more accessible than “meet at Speaker’s Corner then travel to suchandsuch Vodafone store.”

    • b2458284 says:

      Thanks for your comment Lisa. It’s more than likely that there will be another protest at the flagship store on Oxford Street, so anyone who may have difficulties getting around could aim to be there for a little after 11am. Alternatively, if anyone wants to organise a different accessible action we would be happy to publicise it.

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  4. Tony Dean says:

    Well done guys, like your style.

    I recently chucked Vodafones ‘dongle’ in the bin, their internet service was slow and customer service online non-exististant. I was getting a slow 5 or 6 mbs, now I get 7.2 mbs which is a bit faster from Orange, but they use Vodafone internet anyway!

    Their customer service in Australia for mobile phones is shocking too. I lived there for 13 years and came back in Feb this year. I wanted to get an ‘unlock’ code from customer service in Sydney and they wanted to slug me $50 for it!

    No way. I bought a second hand mobile when I got here for only £25 unlocked.

    Since I came back I set up a forum for people to have a rant about anything in the UK that upsets them. I have constantly emailed many of the rants on my forum to all members of parliament so they know about the forum and I think they come in to see if there is any more! Especially I think, those on the front bench, to see if their department is on there yet!

    So rants on the forum will be seen by all m.p.’s.

    Keep up the good work and if you see anything on my forum you want to take issue with, then feel free!

  5. Jim says:

    I’m very much in favour of this, except that I think the targets should be the corporate Vodafone stores and not franchises – after all, the franchisees aren’t the ones failing to pay their taxes, so I don’t really think they deserve to be punished in this way.

    The problem is, I can’t find a resource which lists which stores are which. Does anyone know?

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  8. Darren says:

    I just posted this on Facebook:

    “The reason I’m attending? When I was out of work and desperate, I took a job catering at their box at Twickenham.
    I single-handidly waited on their high and mighty arses for six hours, endlessly providing snacks, topping up drinks and agony-aunting the wives who all had tales of how they had been more or less abandoned… by their big-business husbands.
    While the shitstains looked down and laughed at the proles beneath them.
    At the end of the shift – where I was paid minimum wage – the fuckers kindly left me a lovely tip of just ten quid.
    Please feel free to graffiti “Ten Fuckin’ Quid” in every store and tell them Darren asked you to do it.”

  9. Dan says:

    So a corporate takes advantage of the tax law and you protest against them? Maybe you should be sitting down in front of HMRC instead.

  10. chrissie says:

    Unable to get there but good luck, I’ll be with you in spirit.
    The tax office are quick to write to working people if they owe even a small amount of tax, even when it is because of a tax office error.
    As usual one law for the rich another for the rest of us

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  12. cab4now says:

    Transport for London is failing the public and it is a serious concern
    for the Mayor of London and the travelling public
    because ”… illegal cab drivers pose a serious risk to the travelling public …” . The words of the TfL website.

    @Cab4Now: A 16 week delay to license new
    minicab drivers puts London travelers at risk. Join
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    Please follow and RT @Cab4Now

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  14. J J Jameson says:

    Show the LibDem liars what you think of them on their own website!

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