A Day of Action: Vodafone Stores Closed Across the Country

We’re still trying to get our head around the phenomenal scale of today’s day of action against Vodafone. Reports and photos of actions across the country are starting to come in and we’ll post them up here as soon as we can.

By our count, at least 21 stores were closed in cities across the country. We’ll have a comprehensive list as soon as we can.


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15 Responses to A Day of Action: Vodafone Stores Closed Across the Country

  1. little keithy says:

    here is a short video of the action in Brixton http://tinyurl.com/2v23j93

  2. alibi2010 says:

    excellent work.

    what next?

    same again next Saturday? the Police may be ordered to prevent your actions, but following your publicity today even if you’re prevented from blocking the stores you can still leaflet and communicate with the public, who will be somewhat surprised that the Police are being ordered to waste their time keeping the stores open.

    • Dane Vincent Smith says:

      I was part of the very last minute Leicester protest. I’d love to get another protest going there with more prep. Are we going to do another national protest? I would like to know if you have any material (tax dodger logo, leaflets, banners, etc), any legal advice for sit ins, and more information on the case.

  3. Old Fart says:

    It’s the system that sucks, individual companies are just part of a profit-not-people system. Any actions that want to bring the disgrace of the cuts into the high streets has to widen out in the end. Might be good to up the ante before the cops and Vodaphone can react and get a handle on the protests or we will just be stuck with diminishing returns if we only stick with Vodaphone. We should go for the banks or other highly-efficient tax dodging companies. At the end of the day Vodaphone are not really any different from any other company or bank, avoiding tax or being bailed out. Out with them all. Target them all. Capitalism means cuts!!

  4. v d fone says:

    hastings branch shut!!!

  5. Goldman says:

    Let’s do it again next Saturday! We didn’t get it together in time round our way to do it this week. But plans are now being made for next week…

  6. Vittorio Colao says:

    There is a good summary of the situation today on WiredVC:

  7. Jumbo says:

    Amazing day of action. I’ve never seen such a fast growing social movement, organising and supporting each other through social media. Here’s a video of a great action and protest in Oxford:

    We had incredible public support: most of the talking heads were general passers by who agreed, rather than were on the protest.

    So what next? 3 ideas I’ve heard.
    1. Vodafone again next Sat, but this time double it. There’s already comments above that suggest even more towns and cities would join this time.

    2. Topshop? Philip Green, its owner has been brought in to advise the government how to best cut public spending. But he pays no tax, as he syphons it all off through his wife in Monaco.

    3. Banks? Barclays were exposed throughout last year in the Guardian for avoiding tax. They are now propped up by taxpayer funded insurance scheme. So we pay directly for their bonuses, which have risen, whilst the gov slashed the welfare state to shreds.

    • Kit says:

      Vodafone would be good to hit again – though perhaps we should hit the one in the shopping centre since those who took part yesterday on Cornmarket were told that we could be arrested if we return to the shop within three months.

      Sod it, we could do both if we get a few more folks.

      Topshop would also be brilliant, as would Barclays.

      How about RBS? Their fossil fuel investments are more than worthy of this sort of attention….

      So many targets, so little time.

    • TrueRed says:

      I think it is important to move away from simply targetting Vodafone, and as soon as possible. Focusing on HMRC would be more effective as they’re the ones striking deals in the first place.

      So I’m all for including the likes of Philip Green and Barclays, as well as highlighting Osborne’s tax dodging. We just need to build on yesterday’s fabulous efforts.

      • b2458284 says:

        Do you have any photographs or footage from the day? Would love to include it.
        Really interesting comments and good to get the feedback, more to come on this.

  8. someoneorother says:

    If people wanted to target Osborne directly then I believe his constituency residence is a place called Harrop Fold Farm near Rainow in Cheshire.

    leaving hundreds of dolls on his doorstep to symbolise the kids folks can’t afford to look after might be a nice thing to do.

  9. alibi2010 says:

    the beauty of the protest is that it takes popular, easily communicated direct action to the High Street. target HMRC and you are likely to end up in isolated parking lots and deserted office blocks.

    Jumbo makes a good point about spreading the target. focus on one firm for two long and it becomes only an anti-vodafone protest, and the significance in terms of narrative and wider context is lost.

  10. chrisboote says:

    Rather than just a mob protesting, why not turn up and leave something behind – if everyone draws something on an a4 sheet, and leaves that
    e.g. a hospital bed, a nurse, a policeman (get them on our side) a school, an ambulance, and all with the words below
    “We can’t afford one of these, because Vodafone won’t pay their tax bill”

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