A Day of Action: Coverage

Just some of the coverage achieved through yesterday’s Day of Action:

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5 Responses to A Day of Action: Coverage

  1. Oi Paz says:

    Hi folks,

    More coverage of the Glasgow action, with some good pics, here:


    Add to the list pls! Video to follow once we’ve all done the things we put off to spend 9 HOURS on the street yesterday 🙂

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  3. Jon Scott says:

    Superb – though very little national coverage?
    Love the Brum video:

    • b2458284 says:

      Feel like the coverage has come through, of course more would always been good but if we take the week as a whole a huge amount has been achieved and we are only just beginning.
      Should never over estimate local papers too!
      Over all, just pleased we are really managing to engage with people… this was just an idea a week and a half ago and I’ve definitely been filled with hope at the response over the past week especially. Momentum will grow, just look at how much has happened, people mobilised and willing to stand up and speak out. It will spread.
      Twitter and online response does really work too – that’s my take on the past week anyway – I am hopeful!

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