A Day of Action: Manchester

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  1. Dave says:

    Just let people know the video is a bit misleading.

    The vodafone shop was shut down by a numerous autonomous activists at around 12:45.

    In fact as soon as we left our meeting point vodafone shut the shop, we expect they saw us coming on CCTV.

    Of course this doesn’t matter it got shut down – and that is what we intended to do.

    However the video makes it looks like it was an SWP action, it wasn’t. A group of SWP turned up 2 hrs after we had started the event and as ever hijacked it. Just two members of the party were there from the start.

    It was very disempowering for people that had started the action and most left within half an hour of what became a politically dubious – Right to Work Protests.

  2. Withingtonian says:

    There was a good turnout and lots of positive reception from the public, many of whom expressed the same outrage at what HMRC have let them get away with. The shame about these videos is that they show the ever-vocal Trots who only showed up at 2.30, two and a half hours after the actual meet for the action was called. It must be made clear that this was an autonomous action and NOT one called or organised by Right To Work. Such groups cannot presume the right to speak on behalf of others, particularly when they didn’t have the balls to show up when we were planning on entering and occupying. If you are interested in participating in autonomous anti-cuts actions meet outside Hardy’s Well in Rusholme at 7.20pm this Thursday 4 Nov.

  3. Martin says:

    Well done. Just ignore the swp they alway try to take over. They are really Tory party members.

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  5. lindsay says:

    me and my 2 kids went from bolton to manachester on the tram, after following the action on twitter, we met with students from manchester uni, we got to vodafone and they had just pulled the shutters down, we were met with some hostility from security who tried to stop us leafleting, and one young lad got an on the spot fine for fly postering.
    to everyone who turned up we did well and had a brilliant response from the public, it was lovely to meet such nice decent people.
    lindsay nick (aged 12 and disabled) grace (aged 3) we hope to see you all at future events, keep up the pressure.

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