This Saturday – Day of Action

It was never supposed to happen. We were meant to be taking a short break. But as this article from today’s Guardian reports, people across the country are conspiring to make sure Vodafone don’t get a break.

So we know this is last minute, and we apologise for that, but check the new action map and see if there’s a shut down planned near you. If not, then make it happen. All you need to do is get a few people together, print some flyers and pay a visit to your local store.

If you can’t do this Saturday, never fear. Something big is coming…

See you on the high streets!

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15 Responses to This Saturday – Day of Action

  1. Chris says:

    I have no facebook and no twitter. Any suggestions as to how I can get in touch?

  2. Matthew says:

    me and friend want to get involved this saturday in London. Where shall we go?

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  4. John says:

    Any proof of this TAX bill being true or do you all follow like sheeps when someone plants an idea in to your head ?

  5. Hmm says:

    Why arent you taking action against the many other multi-nationals who use the UK to decrease their tax, and in turn pay very little here also?

    Tesco,for example, using the Republic of Ireland, China, Japan and various other countries to reduce its tax burden here by shifting its profit to their units.

    M&S/Sainsburys/NEXT/LLOYDS BANKING GROUP/RBS etc etc etc.

    The majority of banks who caused the recession, which lead to the huge cuts, also off-shore a considerable amount.

    While I agree Vodafone did try to riddle out of its obligations, at least they now have agreed to pay some back.

    The banks/other corps never will…and they have yet to be confronted over this.

    If this ‘day of action’ is to succeed, it will need to target more than just one company. Or else it will look like yet another whinging entity, that isnt even scratching the surface.

    • b2458284 says:

      Please bear in mind UK Uncut is barely a week old, and in fact only morphed into a campaign group AFTER the first action. Believe us, we know that Vodafone aren’t the only tax dodgers out there, and in the coming days and weeks we will encourage action on a broad range of targets. The mission is to show that there IS an alternative to the cuts that will affect the most vulnerable people in society – we’ve no desire for this to be solely an anti-Vodafone campaign (although it seems they have been particularly naughty).

      • Michael says:

        What I question, and hope there will be answers from both the treasury and Private eye, is the true figure;

        Orginally, it was estimated at approx. $6bn, so roughly 3.7 billion pounds at todays pound/dollar conversion rate.

        The figure of 6bn dollars was floating around the city in nov 09, so given the profit margins are still the same, in the past 12 months Id estimate it would have increased to around the 7.2bn dollar mark.

        Off the top of my head, Id estimate that at around the 4.4-4.5bn pound mark at the current conversion.

        Private eye may have taken the 6bn number, and assumed it was pounds due to Vodafone being British HQ’d.

        Either way, its substantial, and worth calling up on/demonstrating against.

        What I would suggest though is incase it is 6bn dollars, and not pounds, is that people refer to it as “6bn tax dodge” rather than pound tax dodge – so Vodafone cant deny it. After all, this is a number their financial hacks mentioned themselves just a year or so ago.

  6. Stewart Halforty says:

    Notts shutdown Vodafone store. closed before we arrived, stayed closed when we left. Massive popular support and great fun!

  7. inflammatory says:

    congrats, keep up the good work, we are watching you and we spread the word abroad !!

    Solidarity from Athens! 🙂

  8. inflammatory says:

    Congrats! Keep up trying, we are watching you and we spread the word abroad..!
    I hope this becomes a part of a broader movement against the cuts..!

    Solidarity from Athens! 🙂

  9. Liam says:

    here’s a pic from glasgow today:

    we closed down one of the city centre stores, the the police rolled up and forced them to reopen… so we moved along to another shop and briefly shut that one down as well. pretty dreich weather all day!

  10. Maya Goia says:

    Would anyone be interested in launching a UK Uncut group in Hull? Hull seems to be a bit behind other cities in terms of political organisation. If ayone is interested I will post my telephone number at a later date.

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