SHOUT OUT: UKUncut Sheffield

Activists in Sheffield are looking to organise a UKUncut group. We now have groups in over a dozen cities across the UK 🙂

If you’re interested in getting involved, or know someone who might be then e-mail us with the subject line “Sheffield Action” and we’ll put you in touch with each another. If you have contacts at Sheffield Uni or Sheffield Hallam that could be a real big help with this.

Big love, pass it on, see you on the high streets!

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1 Response to SHOUT OUT: UKUncut Sheffield

  1. Rachel says:

    Please come along to the SHEFFIELD ANTI CUTS CAMPAIGN launch meeting Wednesday November 24th Novotel Arundel Gate Sheffield 6pm. Its been set up by various orgs. including unions/right to work campaign/people! Im in the Green Party and we have just affilliated, but people of all political paries involved, or no political party, dont matter. There will be speakers, and people will also be able to speak from the floor. Those of us already involved are determined that we all need to work together, divide and rule is what the Con-Dems are wanting so we really must not let that happen. If anyone wants to know anymore please contact me on facebook Rachel Hardy or through Sheffield G/P F/B.

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