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  1. Frank Martin says:

    EDINBURGH: Shut down tax-dodging vodaphone
    24 Princes Street,

  2. Robert Cook says:

    Outrageous! I support what our government is doing in its austerity drive; even though it will affect many people (myself included). I say support; I mean I accept that we need drastic measures.
    BUT…at a time when cuts are being made; left, right and centre, how is it that Vodaphone get away scot free? If I were found to be avoiding tax, would the government be as generous to me? I think not.
    If there is any worry about reclaiming all the tax from Vodaphone in one go, hell, I for one would be happy to sort out a payment plan with them and allow them the chance to pay it back over the next few years, when we as a nation are going to need as much injection of cash into our services as possible.

  3. Sarah Macrae says:

    Well done for picking up on Johann Haris article. We need to force big business and high earners to play fair. We are all in this together and it is appalling that the government is prepared to let Vodaphone get away with this. How about persuading all vodophone users to not use their phones for 24 hours – or better still switch to another network. If the government needs to cut benefits it should also be cracking down on all tax avoidance.

    • Glasgow Vodafone says:

      We are NOT all in this together! this message should be a key plank of the campaign- one rule for the rich and muti-national corporations and shareholders and another for everyone else.

    • Dane Vincent Smith says:

      I love the 24 hour thing! Very good idea IF we get enough people on board.

  4. Andy says:

    Well said Robert and Sarah.

    However, Robert… please read the following article about ‘Disaster Capitalism’ and you may be shocked to discover that we’re not actually in as much debt as the tories would have us believe, our defecit has been MUCH higher historically. This scaremongering tactic by the tories is precisely what is needed for them to pursue a disaster capitalism agenda to further their aims on privatising all public services and adjusting the economy to benefit corporations. They are speculating with OUR future, that the private sector will pull us out of this recession, but in order to do this the sacrifices are all being made by US! Speculation and greed was what got us into this mess, so it seems bizarre that such a high-risk strategy is being used to supposedly lift us out of it. It’s nonsense, it’s just pure back-scratching and cronyism! Further widening the gap between the rich and the poor in this country.

    It’s not before time that the proles… the plebs… the minions (as they see us) stood up and reminded them who actually supports their fucking empire!

  5. Resist says:

    This campaign needs to build and continue and not fizzle out! But please everyone be aware that many, many activists who were at the forefront of the closures up and down the country on Saturday will be on the streets of London this Saturday 6th Nov at the mas UAF demo!!!!

  6. Tom Davies says:

    Can I ask a couple of questions about the protests, which I instinctively fully support. It concerns how Vodafone’s shop-floor workers were treated during the demos. Were they asked if they were in a union? Were they encouraged or advised to join one? Because what slightly worries me about the anti-austerity campaigns so far is that we’re in danger of falling into the Tories’ trap of dividing private sector workers from public sector workers and protest groups. If we’re just going to blanketly target companies that have been cheating the taxpayer, then we need to make the distinction between the people that run those companies and those that work for them. If we don’t do this, then we will fail. And we won’t get as widespread support as we should. Simple as.

    • b2458284 says:

      Tom, you might be interested in the flyer made by Andi Sidwell and distributed at the Manchester action, available on the Resources page.

  7. Dane says:

    Cabn you please add our action from last Saturday that we emailed you. Also we are planning for a week on saturday due to the march in London by UAF. Which will clash with most of our members. Cheers.

  8. Adam Hosker says:

    Nice Campaign, though im unable to find any evidence or sources of information to say that Vodafone is doing what the protest accuses them. .. Link Me?
    Even if no evidence, good fun keep it up.

  9. Cordelia says:

    I was part of the London protests and I’m fully in support of this growing movement aimed at stopping tax avoidance. I’d like to make a suggestion – can we now take the campaign further than protesting? Protesting of course still has its place and I agree that we should continue this as often as possible however after a while the media and public will get bored and it will start to lose its impact. Hence I think it would be helpful to continue the protests in tandem with a broader approach that combines a letter writing chain to MPs, bad PR in the form of press articles (if anyone has media contacts?) and boycotting the corporations who are doing this. The public needs to be educated on which ones they are so that people can make informed choices when shopping. We have to hit these companies in the pocket and ruin their public image. It needs to become as widespread as the anti-apartheid movement boycotts were in the 80s in order to be as effective. One idea could be a website set up that people can go to and check if companies are tax dodgers before buying their products – similar to what Greenpeace post up for ethical fish shopping. However as someone else has mentioned we do have to be extremely careful about counter-attack in the form of libel litigation so any help from sympathetic lawyers should be welcomed. What do others think?

  10. wendyk says:

    Excellent update from the authors of ‘The Spirit Level’, which says it all.

    Grist for the protest mill.

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